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How Act

Hire Goods Owners Welfare and Charitable Trust is charitable trust working under Hire Goods Owners Association. Since there are statutory limitations for forming Welfare funds n service industry, the trust (HOW ACT), provides a relief amount to the family of the member who passed away.
If a member is affected with serious or incurable diseases, the trust will provide a help of maximum INR. 10, 000/– (Ten Thousand,) through the members. Besides, the Association takes initiatives to collect funds for special cases where an employee need help to settle medical bills and hospital expenses. A maximum of INR 50,000/– (Fifty Thousand,) will be provided to the family of the diseased members, and significant help to a members business is affected by fire or natural calamities. Such help is very useful for a member which is in practice since 1999 onwards.
As the tent and lights and sounds considered under the cultural section of the government, the members are legible to get a welfare fund from the government. The trust is taking initiatives to ensure that such funds are received and utilised by the members.

Member and Family Welfare Programs

The Association has initiated to lead the following programs as part of its members welfare
1. Health Insurance program for Employees: All the Employees works under the Association will be provided health insurances to assure their life is secured
2. Fighting for Legal rights of employees: Working and fighting for the labourers legal rights when the works are blocked or banned by the government due to the legal restrictions imposed.
3. Training Programs for Employees: Organisation conducts and send employees for sophisticated training programs so that to equip them to be familiarise with the new things and equipments and understand the technical use and implementation of new technologically advanced hire goods
4. Education Support: The Association supports the members for specific educational needs of members family children, adjudging the higher mark holders and conducts ‘ vijayothsavam, for the best performers
5. Distribution of Goods: The association helps the members to identify the goods from the right locations, for the best price and sometimes for the collective bargaining. In Kannur members started a cooperative Bank for helping the members to acquire loans with minimal interest to purchase the needed goods